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Special Offer: A Nescafe Dolce Gusto welcome kit comes with your machine. Kit includes a guide to help you get to know your new Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, a latte macchiato glass, a cappuccino cup and saucer, and a variety pack of Nescafé Dolce Gusto by Krups capsules, so you can sample all the flavors.


Krups’ exclusive Thermoblock technology quickly  heats  fresh water







every time. Hot & cold water selector. Dolce Gusto removable water tank for easy filling & cleaning.

One capsule for coffee, two capsules for cappuccino. Simply place your favorite mug onto the adjustable tray, & slide the “Custom Control Lever” to fill to your desired coffee strength. In less than one minute, you’ll enjoy delicious aroma from a freshly brewed cup!

All our coffees are 100% Arabica coffee.  Our cappuccinos & lattes are topped with a delicious, generous froth that lasts to the bottom of the cup. Nescafé Dolce Gusto is designed with a 15 bar pressure system similar to coffee-shop machines so your coffee is made with precise pressure and water temperature for the best quality taste.


Dolce Gusto prepares espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato & hot chocolate with the push of a button, using Nescafé’s advanced capsule system. Innovative extraction head keeps beverages pure, keeping them
 from coming into contact with machine components, for uncompromised flavor and minimal cleanup.

Dolce Gusto; Krups Espresso Machine:

Prepare espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate with the push of a button, using Nescafé’s advanced capsule system. Innovative extraction head keeps beverages from coming into contact with machine components, for uncompromised flavor and minimal cleanup.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto utilizes a professional-level 15-bar pressure system (similar to coffeehouse machine) which helps to ensure that every cup is perfect with a foamy froth, rich creamy and luxurious flavor!

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Select From CREAM, RED or BLACK Dolce Gusto Espresso Machine

Box Contents: - Nescafe Dolce Gusto by Krups machine - Welcome kit including Latte Macchiato glass, a Cappuccino cup and saucer and welcome guide  with a variety of capsules.

Features: - Dolce Gusto Black, Cream or Red finish - 51 ounce (0.4 Gallons) removable water tank -On/off button with auto shut-off function -Unique hot/cold water delivery control lever - Magnetic capsule holder, designed so that beverage doesn't come into contact with the machine -Adjustable / removable drip tray to suit any height cup or glass -

Dolce Gusto Espresso Machine By Krups

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No mess, No fuss.   Everything you need to make hot or cold drinks
are contained in our easy-to-use capsules - The Unique patented Custom Control Lever, combined with airtight capsules, is specifically designed to optimize the extraction pressure delivering the best quality, texture and customized strength with every cup -The exclusive KRUPS Thermoblock Technology heats the water fresh every time, in less than one minute -

Nescafe Dolce Gusto uses only the highest quality ingredients  -  featuring only 100% Arabica roast and ground coffee, rich chocolate and foamy milk - Capsules come in a wide variety of beverages: espresso, cappuccino, latte, lungo and chococino -

Additional capsules can be purchased here -

Specifications: -Dimensions: 8.4 x 12.4 x 13 inch -Weight : 6.6 lbs -Power: 1500W -Voltage : 120V, 60 Hz -Warranty : 1 year limited liability

Adjustable drip tray fits any cup height—demitasse to travel mug. Volume control allows for customizable beverage strength. Professional 15-bar pressure pump prepares the perfect cup of coffee with fine milk froth in under a minute.

Krups’ exclusive Thermoblock technology quickly heats fresh water every time. Hot and cold water selector. Removable water tank for easy filling and cleaning.

As seen on The Rachael Ray Show.


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